Recycled Weaving Yarn

Recycled Weaving Yarn

Viji Knitting Mills recycles weaving yarns are eco-friendly, made from recycled fibers. Yarns  are available in 40 shades of colors, as well as in both coarse and fine counts. They are available as single ply and double ply varieties.


Recycled weaving yarns are available in a different composition of blends including Cotton, Cotton and Polyester, Cotton and Viscose, Cotton, Polyester, and Viscose, Cotton, Polyester, and Wool Blend.


Our weaving yarns are suitable for running on traditional and modern weaving machines such as Sulzer, Air Jet, Rapier, and Shuttle Loom.These yarns are ideal for the production of bed sheets, blankets, denim, shirts, suiting, and other uses